Session Information


Helpful Reminders
You may wear whatever you will be happy seeing in print. I would recommend solid colored shirts over wild patterns. Have everyone coordinate but not necessarily match. If you need help, there are many photography outfit ideas on Pinterest.

Avoid anything with logos, graphics, characters, labels, etc. Sometimes a graphic shirt fits into the style of a photo shoot (birthday themes, etc.)

• Allow at least a week between hair cuts and photos to allow hair to grow a little and look most natural. 
• And also be sure to remove watches or jewelry not complementary to the session’s look.

Don't forget:

Clean fingernails. Fresh polish or old polish removed. (don't forget toes!)

Teeth brushed
Clean faces
Bring a brush to tame hair
Temporary tattoos, stickers and stamps and bandaids (if possible) removed unless you want them in the photos.
If you desire, bring a (mess free) snack to bribe them in case they aren't into the shoot.
Bring wipes to clean faces after snacks.

If you book a smash cake session please bring your own cake or cupcake. Due to food allergies I cannot provide a cake for your child.

How long will it take to receive my photos?

In general, no more than two weeks. I will give you a few to take a look at on my Facebook page shortly after your session. Like most of my clients, I have a family, and they come first in my life. Please be patient as I edit and prepare your images.

What do I need to do for a newborn session?

**Very Important**: Please do not wait until your baby is born to schedule a newborn session. Chances are I will be booked and will not be able to get you in for a session. Let me know your due date at least 2 months in advance so I can be expecting you.

Your session will be held in my home preferably 5-10 days after the baby is born. More thank likely I would like to schedule your session on a weekend day. Please bring pacifiers (if your baby takes one), plenty of bottles (if formula fed), diapers and any special sentiments or outfits you may want in the pictures.  Parents, be prepared to be in some of the photos with your sweet baby!

I will have my house very warm to keep your baby comfortable and asleep. My goal is to have the baby asleep for all the pictures, so that means they should be well fed, dry and warm. Newborns are very sleepy and we want to capture that. Please wait to feed the baby until right before the session, that way they are full right before the shoot. If you have a feeding schedule- that won't apply during pictures. With the extra moving, swaddling, un-swaddling, posing, etc., babies may want to eat more often and soil their diaper more too! Please bring wipes, diapers and extra clothes.

If siblings will be in the photo I ask that you have a plan in place to take them out after we are done photographing the family so we can focus on the newborn. Newborn sessions can last anywhere from 2-3+ hours.

Will you come to my house for a newborn session?

I prefer doing these in my own studio.

Will you provide me with all unedited photos?

You will see me take many, many photos but I will edit best photos from the shoot. I will not release all photos. You may wonder about a specific pose but I may not have picked it because of eyes being closed, motion blur, etc. My edited photos represent me and my capabilities.

Reminders for photos with Children:

Please play down the photo session to your children. I expect children to be children and the more relaxed and happy they are as they enter the session, the better it all works for everyone.

Unless your child is older I will not ask them to smile so please don't prime them about smiling. If you choose to ask your child to smile that is up to you. Young children usually do not know how to fake a natural smile in a picture. I will never ask your child to say cheese. When I need them to smile I will get them to laugh so their smile looks natural and happy.

See the difference?

Cheese!!! (excuse the quality of the camera phone image!)


Other general information:

Please be prompt to your appointment. I can't always promise a full session if you are late. I may have another engagement after your session. Pricing still stands in the event of tardiness. I will do my best to get the agreed number of photos.!

Sometimes I bring small treats to reward small children for their participation in the session. This may be fruit snacks or Pez. Please let me know beforehand if you are opposed to this.

I will gladly go anywhere in the Tri-Cities for the fees shown on my website. I will not go on private property without written permission from the owner of the property. It is illegal to be on train tracks whether used or old exempt tracks. That is federal property and I will not take pictures on train tracks.

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