About Me

My name is Jennifer Woellert and I am a photographer in Geneva, IL. When my first son was born my husband bought me a DSLR so we could get better pictures of our son. I took a photography class right before my second son was born to improve my skills.  Little did I know, I had this love for photography that I could not help but share! Photography always intrigued me but I never had decent equipment to grow my knowledge.   Soon, friends were asking me to shoot at their children's birthday parties and take family photos throughout the year and things just took off from there.

I really treasure my photos. There is just something about an innocent moment held still forever in a photograph. Photos stir up something deep inside our hearts, a reminiscent worthy moment, that wrinkle in time we would probably otherwise forget. 

I moved to Geneva in 2011 from North Carolina. I loved living in North Carolina but I am really enjoying Illinois and the amazing friends I have made.

I have a wonderful husband to which I've been married for 10 years. We have two young sons who are the light of our world. They keep us on our toes.  

I work through word of mouth so let me know who sent you! I am very appreciative of the response I am getting from all of my phenomenal clients who are making this possible. I love being behind the camera and capturing YOUR special moments.  

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